SHALASHALA started the business of manufacturing CNC routers in 2009. Manufacturing sectors that have benefited from SHALASHALA-CNC’s expertise include woodworking, signage, prototyping, 3D sculpture, patterns making, concept modeling, and more.

The hallmark of SHALASHALA capability is indisputably research and development. The result is high quality workmanship in CNC router manufacturing, plasma cutting and laser cutting machines. Lean workforce and efficient management makes SHALASHALA products most affordable. Backed by 24-hour help desk and 12 months warranty on all of our products SHALASHALA is now a name to reckon with.

Many clients asked

What is your competitive advantage?

What makes your product special?”

This boils down to our cnc router machine product philosophy.

How to define a good product?”

We believe a good product should firstly be functional and pragmatic.

A good product should be easy to use.

A good product is aesthetic.

A good product should be long-lasting and it avoids being obsolete.

A good product Involves as little design as possible.

(Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.)

We do not believe in over-functionality, over- aesthetics and over-pricing.

So with our years of R&D, Be assured that the machine you are paying for is a perfect balance between functionality, simplicity, aesthetics and cost. 

If you are looking for a rosy ROI, we are sure to be the winner.

Our motto of “delivering quality CNC routers with safety and value” is well founded, as more than 2000 customers in all the continents are adding value to their business. Click to see how we manufacturing cnc machine.