What are the differences between mirror spark machine and spark machine

 The mirror spark machine is different from ordinary ones, and better than ordinary ones. Mirror spark machining is mainly to work on some molds that are difficult to operate, high precision, and complex materials. The most special point is that it can save a polishing step, and it can also make the surface smooth as new. Let’s talk about mirror sparks. What is the difference between the edm machine and the ordinary spark machine.

The mirror spark machine is a new type of numerical control discharge equipment developed in the past two years. Reasonable use of it can significantly improve the quality of the mold.

1. Comparison of mirror spark machining and wire cutting machining methods

Discharge and power saving method of traditional spark machine mirror spark machine


  • 1. Low cost; 
  • 2. Good practicability; 
  • 3. As long as the measuring tool is accurate, the mold can be controlled at about 0.01mm; 
  • 4. Clear and low consumption; 
  • 5. The fire pattern is relatively uniform.

Disadvantages: 1. The manual modal deformation is difficult to control; 2. The size is difficult to control; 3. The mode saves longer after discharge; 4. The demand for copper and steel is large; 5. The processing cost is relatively high.

2. Mirror spark machining requirements

Material steel: better NAK 80, S136H, SKD 61, it is best to use S 136 quenching to obtain a higher finishing copper material; M mirror copper must be made of Japanese Sambo red copper, other copper due to low density and impurities The surface quality of the steel caused serious damage.

Electrode design: 

  • 1. When designing electrodes, complete them together as much as possible to save discharge costs. 
  • 2. Do not place the spot area too wide, too large will easily reduce the speed and effect.

Electrode treatment: 

  • 1. The best way to make mirror mold is to make three copper plates, thick copper plates, young copper plates and polished copper plates. The polishing requirement is three packs of copper. 
  • 2. The greater the spark level, the greater the spark level, which is 0.08~0.12.

Other considerations:

  • 1. The small button button lamp can keep the edge and angle clear, and the spark position is 0.05≤0.08. The spark position value of the shell and the larger button is 0.1≤0.13, which is beneficial to increase the processing speed.
  • 2. Please note that the acute angle position of rough men and young men appropriately saves a little R angle to prevent polishing and deepening, thereby wasting time. When performing copper roughing and finishing, try to control the size and surface roughness of M under 1A current, and leave a margin of 0.05mm for polishing.
  • 3. The discharge time should not be too long, preferably within 8 hours, otherwise the surface of the material will wrinkle. If you want to exceed the M position, you need to make more than one polishing position, otherwise the M will be processed after some positions.
  • 4. Keep the copper gongs and store them on 150# sandpaper. Pay special attention to whether the angle is clear and the surface is smooth.