What are the advantages of double-head spark machine

 There are several types of EDM, which belong to a kind of processing equipment, but when processing some larger molds, double-head EDM machining is usually used, because the processing speed of double-head is much faster than single-head, and its structure is relatively It is relatively simple to say, and it is composed of two main shafts, generally between 2m-4m in length, and does not take up much space.

The application range of the double-head spark machine is relatively wide, and it can be seen in the processing of precision molds such as household appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, TV auto parts, etc. Its main accessories are: worktable, shaft head, bed, bracket, liquid tank, etc. These parts determine whether the double-head spark machine can operate normally.

The invention is characterized by the following two points: one point is that the cost is lower, and two bearings can be moved on the machine tool. Using one device can play the role of two devices, and for manufacturers, the function is high. The second point is the small footprint, which is more practical for small factories. However, there is a disadvantage that if the quality of the device is not strong, vibrations will occur when moving. In addition, for some relatively accurate molds, good processing results cannot be obtained.