Do you know these two parts of the double-head spark machine?

 The double-head EDM is not the same as the ordinary EDM, because its components are different from the ordinary EDM, so it is more suitable for the occasions of large objects, because it has two processing heads, so it is better than the ordinary processing be quick. But today I will tell you about the knowledge of linear guides and linear guides. I hope it will interest you.

Linear guides and linear guides are basically the same, but they can be called linear guides. They basically refer to rolling guides used in the machinery and automation industries. Their main function is to move linearly in a predetermined direction.

The linear guide rail of the double-head spark machine is divided into two parts: a slider and a slider. The slider contains an inner circulating ball or roller, and has a retainer to prevent falling off. The guide rail is the original modular version, which can be customized in advance and replaced when the machine tool wears out. The guide rail components of the spark machine can control the machining accuracy and have a higher load than the linear bearing.

The linear guide rail of the double-head spark machine can not only strictly control the manufacturing accuracy, but also has a higher rated load than the linear bearing. At the same time, it can withstand a certain torque to achieve high-precision linear motion under high load. There is also a hard rail that refers to the steel in the rail, just like this rail is basically used in rough machining, and its rigidity is better. The speed is slower, and more high-end machines are basically used, mainly for heavy cutting; the wire is high-speed, mainly used for light cutting and other finishing. The finishing is all linear rolling guides. Because the running speed of the linear rolling guides is compared, and the rolling resistance of the linear rolling guides is small, crawling conditions are avoided, the lubrication is very simple and convenient, and the long-term accuracy of the equipment has little loss. Because the precision of manufacturing is strictly controlled, the size of the linear guide can be maintained at a certain level, so most double-ended spark machines are used with linear guides.