When laser technology meets the weight scale, you can "scale" your wish

Temperature drops sharply after light snow

Many people are starting to nourish and protect against the cold, and their bodies are getting rounder

To lose weight, control your mouth and open your legs.

But good supervision is just as important

The scale is definitely a strict supervisor who will not lie

Produced jointly by Huami Technology & Dega Yibang

A series of artistic scales engraved by a glass laser engraving machine

So beautiful that people can't help but stand up

Automatically accept the supervision of the scale

There are endless appearances of weight scales on the market, which is dazzling

Users are not only satisfied with weighing

More to pursue its uniqueness

The paintings of seven artists are engraved by a glass laser laser

Engraved on the tempered glass on the surface of the scale

The perfect combination of practicality and design beauty

Redefines the weight scale under the trend of modern simplicity

The glass laser laser engraving machine has good beam quality and smaller focused spot

Can realize ultra-fine and various complex pattern marking

Each exquisite pattern presents a unique texture

Perfectly embed unique creativity

It greatly promotes the increase of product added value

Advantages of glass laser engraving machine

01Easy to operate

The glass laser laser engraving machine is controlled by computer software, without consumables, and can realize automatic feeding, automatic marking and saving manpower.

02 permanent mark

The glass laser laser engraving machine uses the principle of converting light energy into heat energy to ablate the surface of the workpiece to form a permanent mark, so the mark is not easy to fade away due to the influence of external factors.

03Exquisite processing

The laser processing precision is high, and the software drawing can quickly draw and generate various characters and graphics, which can realize the refined marking of the product.

04High yield rate

Laser is a non-contact processing, there is no mechanical effect during the processing, it will not damage the surface of the product, and the yield is high.

1. Features

  • ◆ Use imported purple laser, high beam quality, small focus spot, super fine marking, high definition;
  • ◆ The affected area is extremely small, avoiding deformation, damage or scorching of the processed material, and high yield;
  • ◆ It is suitable for a wide range of materials to make up for the disadvantages of the currently widely used infrared laser marking process;
  • ◆ Adopt digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, small size, fast speed and excellent stability;
  • ◆ The whole machine has stable performance and low power consumption;
  • ◆ It adopts multi-station indexing plate working mode, which can be equipped with 2/4 stations to adapt to different product requirements, and realizes the simultaneous laser marking and loading and unloading operations, which greatly improves work efficiency.

2. Process application

Glass laser laser engraving machine is suitable for fine marking of PVC, plastic, leather, metal, glass, LCD screen, thin ceramic, monocrystalline silicon wafer, IC crystal grain, sapphire and other materials.