This is not hot, it is difficult! CNC metal laser cutting second cut steel plate

 For products containing metal materials, such as computer cases, file cabinets, and cabinets, it is necessary to cut the entire large plate into several small plates of different shapes before forming. Now this kind of cutting work is mostly done by CNC metal laser cutting machine, whether it is steel plate, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and other materials. The black processing technology of CNC metal laser cutting machine makes it difficult to think about it.

CNC metal laser cutting machines have basically replaced traditional cutting methods such as cutting machines, punching machines, wire cutting, flame cutting and water cutting. The CNC metal laser cutting machine uses high-energy laser beams to directly act on metal materials such as steel plates. The cutting accuracy is high, and it can cut any shape. The non-contact processing method makes the CNC metal laser cutting machine without any tool wear, thereby reducing The cost.

During processing, the operator only needs to load the drawings into the equipment and perform simple debugging. The CNC metal laser cutting machine will automatically cut according to the drawings and cooperate with the automatic loading and unloading device, thereby further reducing labor costs.

For the cutting of some products, molds are used to cut, such as some heterosexual parts, and the CNC metal laser cutting machine can complete the cutting of special-shaped parts without the help of external force. A set of molds is expensive to make, and the degree of flexibility is low, and the molds will not be easily used without reaching a certain number. The use of CNC metal laser cutting machine can process special parts without molds, thereby reducing input costs.

Use cost, labor cost, and input cost. These three items alone are sufficient reasons to buy. Now, with the popularization of 10,000-watt CNC metal laser cutting machines, thin and medium-thick steel plates can be cut in seconds. The title is called "Machining Center of Machining Center".