Thanksgiving|Laser-marked pumpkin pie: let the heart-warming delicacies pass you thanks!

 I just sent away a fun Halloween party last month

It's another warm and joyful Thanksgiving

How much do you know about Thanksgiving customs?

In the West, Thanksgiving is second only to Christmas

Thanksgiving party with family and friends

Host a warm party

After eating a rich roast turkey meal

The most suitable dessert is of course a delicious pumpkin pie

How to make this food more unique?

Look at the food laser marking machine!

Use pumpkin pie as a processing material

Use a food laser marking machine to mark patterns on the surface

Unusual ideas and creativity are intertwined in my mind and painted into blueprints

Laser technology turns it into a pleasing physical painting

Since the laser beam is not in direct contact with the surface of the pumpkin pie

Will not spoil the taste of the ingredients

Brightly colored pumpkin pie with crisp outside and tender inside

Equipped with food laser marking machine to mark Thanksgiving text

Hiding a lot of gratitude into this fragrant pumpkin pie

The sweet scent hits the heart directly, so that the mind can be traced

Whether it's face value or taste

Can make people remember and remember the beauty of this moment

1. Features

  • ◆Equipped with self-developed SmartScanner professional control system, compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw and other professional drawing software graphics import, processing speed is fast;
  • ◆Using a humanized minimalist design, equipped with a camera and multiple sensors to achieve a variety of intelligent auxiliary functions, so as to avoid training, installation and maintenance;
  • ◆Human-machine interface is friendly and intelligent, with remote diagnosis, upgrade and maintenance, with data encryption and privacy protection;
  • ◆The appearance design is simple and generous, covering an area of ​​less than 1 square meter, which is very suitable for commercial stores or personal household use;
  • ◆The working table has a marking format of 300X300mm, which adopts button electric lifting to meet the height adjustment of 250mm products;
  • ◆Built-in smoke and dust purifier to achieve low indoor pollution emissions in line with national environmental protection requirements;
  • ◆Dual red light electric focus positioning, support auto focus function;
  • ◆Fully enclosed housing with door opening protection and automatic door lock control function, built-in smoke and dust purifier, meeting safety level 1 protection standard, design in line with CE and FDA certification requirements.

2. Process application

Food laser marking machine is mainly used for DIY pattern marking of commercial products such as clothing, shoe materials, and handicrafts.