Laser marking fashion hair dryer, light up a unique winter artifact with technological aesthetics

 Winter is here, I just want to hibernate in the bed

Bedding snacks and crooked food, I can stay in the old days

It’s cold in winter, for many people

Washing your hair is a test of perseverance

It’s very cold, and the hair dries slowly and it’s easy to catch cold

I have to use a hair dryer as soon as possible after washing my hair

Laser marking fashion hair dryer

Light up a unique winter artifact with technological aesthetics

Hair dryer is a must-have household appliance

It's not enough to meet market demand when it is used well

For aesthetically high color control, the hair dryer must also have a high value

In the design of the hair dryer, from material to craft

Then to the presentation of the logo and button logo

These details construct the first impression of a person

The laser marking process is not limited by the color and shape of the material

Any logo and button logo can be customized according to the appearance characteristics of the hair dryer

Give the hair dryer a stylish atmosphere and a beautiful appearance

Each qualified hair dryer will be marked with logo and buttons before leaving the factory

For visual branding

And judge whether it is the first line of defense for counterfeit products

And to complete the marking of the hair dryer logo and buttons

You need a fiber laser marking machine

Especially on mass production lines

Fiber laser marking machine can realize mass production in assembly line

One-time molding without secondary processing

The marking effect is durable, exquisite, fine and clear

A hair dryer is a must-have for life in winter

Just after washing your hair, you feel the cold under the covers...

Are you looking forward to a warm current enveloping you

Drive away the biting chill from you

How beautiful is it to quickly dry your hair with a hair dryer

Only in winter makes people feel the deepest

Winter is coming, are you ready for the hair dryer?

Recommended equipment-fiber laser marking machine

Features of fiber laser marking machine:

◆High-quality light source, good spot quality

◆Small size, fast speed, stable and high performance

◆Support multi-language one-key switching

◆Built-in linear guide, stable structure

Process application of fiber laser marking machine:

Marking the surface of most plastics and various alloy materials such as stainless steel, aluminum oxide and copper.


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