Laser cutting medical nursing bed, opening a new era of technological pension

 China is rapidly "getting old". According to statistics, the proportion of the population over 65 in China has risen to more than 13%. According to internationally recognized standards, 7%-14% of the population over 65 is mildly aging, and 14% -20% is moderate aging, 20%-40% is severe aging. In other words, China is already on the brink of moderate aging.

When a person is old, his hands and feet are unsuccessful, especially for disabled elderly people who lose the ability to take care of themselves. Have you encountered the following nursing troubles. It is difficult to eat, stand up, go to the toilet, wash hair, infusion, and sit up. Traditional nursing care is exhausting. Not only the elderly suffer, but also the caregivers suffer from heavy manual labor.

These troubles can be solved by a modern nursing bed. With the development of medical and health undertakings, scientific and technological elderly care has become the norm, and patients have received more humane care. Like a medical care bed, it has evolved from a single lying function to a composite medical furniture integrating multiple functions. , Raising back, raising legs, turning over, infusion, eating, defecation, guardrail, moving...satisfy various scenes faced by different people including the elderly in treatment, rehabilitation and life. It can be said that having a bed will liberate the whole family and make nursing more convenient, comfortable and safe.

In China, the nursing bed market is developing rapidly. On the one hand, the potential needs of disabled elderly and home patients are being tapped, especially for elderly care needs. On the other hand, it is less than the price of a flagship mobile phone, which makes most families consume. Up. This depends on the rise of China's manufacturing industry, which has greatly reduced the manufacturing cost of the entire product. For example, pipe cutting, which accounts for a large proportion in the production of nursing beds, has been gradually introduced into the pipe processing flow of nursing beds in recent years, meeting the design requirements of the high-end market of nursing beds and reducing costs.

The manufacture of nursing beds is not as simple as imagined. Take metal pipes with a lot of materials as an example, bed body, back frame, turning frame, beam frame, protective fence, rocking handle, infusion stand, etc., the number of nursing beds can reach hundreds of long or short, or round or round Fang's pipe parts need to be processed. At the same time, each pipe component will be designed with multiple openings of different sizes and positions to simplify the subsequent assembly of the pipe components of the nursing bed. So as to realize the functions of raising the back, raising the legs, turning over, and armrests. The more functions and the more complex the design, the less conducive to production, which undoubtedly brings huge challenges to pipe processing

In terms of the production investment and production quality of metal pipe parts in each part of the nursing bed, compared with the traditional pipe processing methods that require multiple processes such as cutting, punching, and drilling, which consume a lot of molds, manpower, and high investment costs, fully automatic fiber The laser pipe cutting machine can better meet the pipe processing needs of the nursing bed, which makes the production efficiency of the nursing bed higher, the product quality better, and the processing cost lower.

Advantages of automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine

  • 1. Low investment cost: moldless production, avoiding the expensive cost of manufacturing, replacing, maintaining and storing molds;
  • 2. Short preparation cycle: The traditional stamping and blanking mold manufacturing, trial, and optimization links are omitted, and the production preparation cycle that takes several months can be completed in only one day or even a few hours;
  • 3. Highly flexible production: It can process different metal pipes such as stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, etc., without restrictions on the product outline, square pipes, round pipes, special-shaped pipes, etc. can be cut;
  • 4. High-speed and intelligent: automatic loading and unloading, automatic calibration and detection, automatic setting of the optimal processing path, automatic cutting after programming, general workers can be on duty after training, saving labor costs;
  • 5. Realization of complex design: non-contact laser cutting has no restrictions brought by the cutter, making the processing of any graphics easier, and meeting the design needs of mid-to-high-end nursing beds;
  • 6. High cutting quality: Capacitive fiber laser cutting head, high-precision servo motor drive, and high-precision transmission mechanism complement each other to achieve high accuracy in size, position and trajectory. The non-contact cutting process ensures that the pipe does not produce surface pressure injuries. And cracks, to obtain better edge quality than punching blanking. It can be directly used for welding without secondary grinding.

Meeting the needs of nurses and patients for equality, care, efficiency, and humanization, enhancing medical social and interaction, and extending the life cycle are all necessary for an excellent medical care bed.

As an excellent medical care bed processing equipment, the fully automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine brings the feeling of care and efficiency to the processing enterprise: a more user-friendly operation design greatly reduces manpower consumption and makes Operators get rid of repetitive, heavy manual labor and dangerous operations; more efficient and energy-saving characteristics make the company's unit productivity higher and bring huge profits to the company; at the same time, laser cutting brings a new degree of processing freedom and also helps Designers can give full play to their ideas, optimize the design, and make the nursing bed experience better.