Laser cutting chess, enjoy the fun of "backwing abandoning pawns" between the chessboards

Netflix’s new play "Abandoned Soldiers on the Back Wing" brought chess into flames. Many people bought chess and learned to play. The play tells a genius girl-Beth Harmon, who grew up from an abandoned baby in an orphanage. For a chess master who has made countless people look up and has both good looks and IQ, there are only seven episodes in total, and each episode can be described as "cool". It is strongly recommended to take a look.

Chess is hailed as smart gymnastics, intellectual competition and civilized warfare

Because of the simple and interesting features

Become a very popular chess activity

Chess Laser Cutting Machine

Take you into the chessboard world of whimsy

Most of the chess on the market are wooden

With people’s pursuit of personalization

Acrylic, cardboard and other materials of chess are also becoming popular

Laser technology cuts pleasing chess

Even playing chess has become a process of enjoying beauty

Apart from entertainment, you can exercise logical thinking and cultivate patience

Foreign netizens use laser technology to make for boyfriend

A set of "League of Legends" version of chess as an anniversary gift

The appearance of the game characters with exquisite lines, highly restored

For "League of Legends" game lovers

I can’t wait to have a hero showdown on the chessboard

Designer Andrea Vecera launches Paperloo environmentally friendly chess

Only two pieces of corrugated paper and a box constitute the entire product

The chess pieces are precisely cut by laser technology

After manual assembly, you can play chess in the box, which is full of fun

The fascinating intellectual "palace" of chess

With its uniquely charming world of winning and losing, people can't put it down

The "backwing abandon pawn" style is one of its many opening methods

It is also one of the most classic opening methods

Laser cutting machine makes designers' whimsical ideas no longer abstract

From drawings to reality, becomes tangible, has temperature

Laser cut chess

Enjoy the fun of "backwing abandoning soldiers" style game between the chessboards

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