It is better to choose a laser film cutting machine for sticker cutting

 Self-adhesives are often seen in daily life. Many of the paper information posted on products are made of self-adhesives. Self-adhesive stickers, also called self-adhesive stickers, instant stickers, pressure sensitive paper. After the bonding of paper, film, special materials and silicon base paper, after printing, it is finally cut by a laser film cutting machine. It is better to choose a laser film cutting machine for self-adhesive cutting, and it can be used for positioning cutting and flying cutting.

The advantages of the self-adhesive laser cutting film machine are as follows:

  • 1. Laser processing does not require mold opening, and does not need to design and manufacture molds for different stickers, which saves a lot of production costs.
  • 2. Compared with traditional knife cutting, laser film cutting machine cutting speed is faster and more efficient, which speeds up production speed and shortens the output cycle of finished products.
  • 3. The laser film cutting machine only needs to adjust the parameters on the computer to complete the different requirements of the half-cut, full-cut, and point-cut of the self-adhesive cutting. The graphics are not limited, and can complete the cutting of various complex graphics, and maximize Improve material utilization.
  • 4. Traditional mechanical processing has problems such as inaccurate cutting and rough edges. However, the precision of the laser film cutting machine can reach within a millimeter, and the cutting edge is flat and smooth. At the same time, through the positioning function, the defect rate of product processing can be effectively reduced during cutting.

It is better to choose the automatic laser film cutting machine for self-adhesive cutting. Positioning cutting and flying cutting can be used for special-shaped cutting, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of adhesive cutting. Self-adhesive has many usage scenarios and a large amount of usage. Choosing a good processing tool can help the company's daily production to the greatest extent.