How much is the laser hand-held welding machine, the manufacturer publicly stated its position

Welding is an important part of metal processing, and welders like welders have to be verified. In recent years, the popularity of laser hand-held welding machines has gradually replaced the traditional argon arc welding. It does not require textual research, ordinary workers can be employed by simple learning, and the welding is firm and beautiful. How much is the laser handheld welding machine?

Generally, laser handheld welding machine manufacturers will have different configurations for you to choose from, and the prices of different configurations are also different, so how much laser handheld welding machine is priced according to the configuration you choose, the price is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands between.

What are the differences in configuration? For example, the same laser hand-held welding machine, some use domestic lasers, some use imported lasers, some are 500w, some are 1500w, some are air-cooled, some are water-cooled, and the configuration is different, the price of the laser handheld welding machine is naturally different.

In addition, the price of laser hand-held welding machines is also related to the manufacturer's brand. Large and small laser welding machine equipment manufacturers are located all over the country, and the quality of laser welding machine is uneven. The price of laser welding machine of good brand will be higher, and it may be sold in small workshops. Just ignore it, but the brand manufacturers will not. The quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed by the manufacturer, and the after-sales service is also very good, which is much better than some small workshops. It is more reassuring to buy.

Like most manufacturers provide proofing services, after knowing how much the laser handheld welding machine costs, you can bring your own samples to the manufacturer’s site for proofing if you are near, or you can express it by express delivery if you are far away, and send it back after proofing. Now that the express delivery industry is so developed, this is not a problem.

Hand-held laser welding is more expensive than argon arc welding, but if you consider its advantages such as faster welding speed, more beautiful and firm welds, lower labor input, and higher technological content, the higher price is reasonable. Buy more and more discounts is Henggu's unchanging market truth. If you need more than one, you can ask them to quote the wholesale price when you ask how much the laser handheld welding machine is.


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