Give you a street stall laser engraving machine, you can light up a different world of stalls

 Driven by the stall economy, many people set up stalls. Traditional street stalls selling rice noodles, selling fruits, and selling barbecues are full of competition on any mature street. If you use street stall laser engraving machines to do business, you can light up a different world of street stalls.

For entrepreneurs who are novices to set up a street stall, the selection of products is very important. It is recommended to set up a street stall with a laser engraving machine, with some unengraved small commodities. Such as mobile phone cases, Coke bottles, vacuum flasks, lighters, etc. You can engrave names, photos, etc. on small commodities. Out of curiosity, people passing by will come to watch.

The investment of laser engraving machine in street stalls is not very large, and the products are attractive enough, no consumables are needed, and a laser engraving machine can be sold out for business. There are many engravings, such as combs, car keys, lipstick bottles, mobile phone cases, power banks, charging heads, card readers, thermos cups, glasses, watches, laptops, lighters, rings, and necklaces. , Coke bottles, temporary stop signs, lunch boxes, etc., you can engrave portraits or text on these small commodities. It can be said that all small and large living commodities can be carved.

A street stall laser engraving machine, a different stall world. The whole street is only your family, no one will compete with you. It’s hard to find a job. If you set up a street stall, you can put the laser engraving machine on the street stall to attract crowds and people.

Engravable materials include most plastics and various alloy materials such as stainless steel, aluminum oxide, and copper. It is exquisite, portable and easy to carry. It can be used when powered on. It is simple and easy to learn. It can engrave all kinds of common commodities in daily life. It is suitable for novices to set up a stall and start a business.