After using our leather laser engraving machine, other leather engraving equipment will be

 Leather has a wide range of uses, including bags, clothes, shoes, guitar straps and so on. The superb leather laser engraving machine has broken the original rigid leather design. After using the leather laser engraving machine, then using other leather engraving equipment will be enough.

The leather laser engraving machine can engrave the surface of the leather and can also hollow out. Incorporating various elements into the changes of light and shadow, reflecting the fashionable atmosphere, aesthetics, romance, and literary retro feelings such as bags and clothes, it interprets a colorful and colorful world.

The unique leather laser engraving machine technology, after drawing on the computer, can create unique flower patterns, fruit patterns, character patterns, text patterns for leather design... Whether it is applied to the surface of the bag or used in the design of shoes, It's all a gorgeous landscape. The skillful use of lasers presents ingenuity, and such a unique laser engraving can only be described by the word "stunning".

The non-contact leather laser engraving machine will not damage the guitar strap, without mechanical deformation and internal stress. Regardless of whether it is the front or the back, the leather laser engraving machine is no problem, and the texture of the processed leather itself is not reduced.


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